Released on February 16th, 2016

Genre: Metal

Production, Mixing, and Mastering by Alexander Steele.

Artwork by Devin Whitley.


    From a distant future or past (it is unclear) came five men with one purpose. Although that purpose was hidden for some time, after infiltrating various trades they were finally brought together through struggling against the forces of evil. Having tested their hands at the wheels of many jobs and plying various lists for others in pursuit of glory, our heroes forged a pact and commenced rocking.


    While observing the strange lands and places of the late twentieth century, they discovered an avenue of expression entirely foreign to them that was deftly suited to their goals of sonic obliteration. Never before in the history of the world has their been such a mighty force as metal, and having studied at the feet of many in the great pantheon, they have risen to guide wayward souls back to the mighty halcyon days of metal, when the gods walked the earth.


    From Arlington Virginia, guitarist Nick Gosseaux brings blistering visions of decades coming, Chris Thiem, born to rock, forges punishing tone with chrisp smooth leads, Jake Mimikos sunders souls with his deafening pipes, Ben Scarbrough (doodle-do-ding-dong-doodlee-dee) pummels and rolls in tight time and guides the pack, and Ben Liptak rounds out the low end with four strings of power. Separate, simple mortals, as a pack, a tidal force of nature unstoppable.


They are the Future Wulf.