Initiate Triple Pack

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Prepare yourself - The Initiate Triple Pack is here!

Enjoy these three arcade-styled games, available now on Windows and Mac!

Includes partial gamepad support!


Challenge your friends to the miniature pool game of the ages! Flick the "cue marble" into the group and send your marbles into the pockets of never-ending sorrow! Play using Marbilliards rules, or even play Traditional Billiards! The choice is yours!


Recon Earth:

Espionage! Rockets! Geographical frustration! Fly your spy plane around the world in a quest to invade everyone's privacy! Careful, though. Get too invasive, and the world will start trying to shoot you out of the sky! Play on Hard Mode for the added bonus of evading enemy interceptors!

Road Rage:

Leave your mark as the angriest driver in the universe! Bust through traffic and evade the cops as you share your shitty day with the highway! If things get too tough, activate your Focus to slow time and get a better awareness of your surroundings. Featuring the voices of Brian C. Sundin (as the Road Rage Dude), Christopher Inlow (as the Police), and Alexander Steele (as the Helicopter Pilot).