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Play "I.T.P.", and more!

April 6, 2016

It's finally here! Effigy Media presents the "Initiate Triple Pack", available now on Windows and Mac OSX! For more information, and the download links, please visit the games' official page under 'Products'.


Speaking of products, we have added another section to our 'Products' page, which includes all of the music projects we have completed as a company. Check out the band pages to learn more about them.





 From a distant future or past (it is unclear), came five men with one purpose. Although that purpose was hidden for some time, they were finally brought together against the forces of evil.


A metal band based out of Alexandria, VA,

FutureWulf is Jake Mimikos (Vocals), Nick Gosseaux (Guitar), Ben Scarbrough (Drums), Chris Thiem (Guitar), and Ben Liptak (Bass).




The Analect:


A concept album headed by Effigy Media's very own Brian C. Sundin, this industrial soundtrack was inspired by Capcom's survival-horror classic, Resident Evil.


Get immersed in the album even further by listening to the monologues that play out between each track, and enjoy the sonic reimagining of the horror game that

launched a franchise.





The Black Spire:


Brainchild of Effigy Media's Alexander Steele and vocalist Devin Whitley, this concept album is the first chapter in a tale of intergalactic conquest, destruction, and subjugation.


Learn the first story arc of The Travelers Eternal and their invasion of Earth as the lyrics jump between the perspectives of the earthlings and the alien invaders. 







In 2011, Effigy Media's Alexander Steele began a journey in electronic dance music production.


Inspired by artists like Deadmau5, Kill The Noise, Pendulum, and others like them, this project will blow your face off with its 'bangers', and soothe your soul with its chill tracks.

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