Genre: Metal

Devin Whitley: Vocals, Writing, Artwork

Alexander Steele: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synth/Drum Programming, Writing, Production


    An army of a hellish, humanoid aliens, The Travelers Eternal, arrive on Earth by means of The Black Spire. They are here to wage a war in tribute to their god, Xin. Xin* is a world-sized being sitting upon a dreadnaught throne in the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy. He has an extraordinary capacity for logic and wisdom, although he uses his intellect for his own gain. The Travelers Eternal were created by Xin through genetic synthesis using flesh that he manifested into our dimension. They serve Xin to fulfill his will, The Promise Enduring, which is the covenant made between Xin and the The Travelers Eternal to travel the void and reap the souls** of discovered sentient life in order to maintain his immortality. In return, he grants The Travelers Eternal with an everlasting natural life, although they can still be killed by unnatural means as they are completely of this realm.


    Xin has sent out thousands of prophets in large black spires to scour the galaxy, each bringing along with them four disciples; each with their own army of acolytes that fight in the name of their god. After the initial impact of The Black Spire, Humanity is in complete confusion as to what this object is. All is revealed soon enough when The Travelers Eternal Disciples appear with their acolytes and start committing a massacre on the human race. After many months of laying low, the governments of the world start losing hope, until they are able to finally win a battle. This victory proves they are fallible, and a plan is enacted to ensure the survival of man-kind, no matter the cost.


      * Xin is believed by his followers to be from a much higher dimension, but has mastered the ability to physically exist in any dimension

         he chooses. He attains this by the sacrificial murder of any sentient life that he finds.


    ** Reaping Souls in this context refers to storing the potential life force from murdered enemies. They are able to perform “dark rituals”

         on-board The Black Spire to coax inter-dimensional energy, what humans consider their souls, from their physical forms. These

         “dark rituals” are technically nothing more than chanting to advanced machinery aboard The Black Spire; machinery that connects

         the struck world’s space-time to Xin’s root-dimensional consciousness.

Released on February 4th, 2015